Napa Valley growers - beyond hang time
14 Feb 2007 by JR
Mar 14 - See this report on the proceedings in Wines and Vines.

Hang time is a hot topic in the Napa Valley, as we have discussed here before. The Napa Valley Grapegrowers are holding another seminar on the topic entitled “The Future of Napa Valley: Beyond Hang Time” on Thursday, March 8 from 8 am  (Napa farmers get up early) until 12.30 pm at Copia in Napa. They say:
“With all of today’s discussions about climate change and wine grape maturity, how can grape growers and vintners work together to maintain Napa Valley’s reputation as one of the world’s leading viticultural regions?”
Topics include:
What Makes Napa Valley So Special
Deborah L Elliott-Fisk, University of California, Davis
What is Happening to Napa’s Weather?
Rick Snyder, University of California, Davis
Results of the 2006 Napa Valley Hang Time Study
Ed Weber, University of California Cooperative Extension
Pursuing Ripeness and Flavour in Wines
Andy Walker, University of California, Davis
Larry Brooks, consulting winemaker
Michael Silacci, Opus One
Bob Wample, California State University, Fresno
Vineyard Strategies for Achieving Ripeness and Flavour
Jon Ruel, Trefethen Vineyards
Sam Turner, Vista Vineyard Management
Steve Matthiasson, Premiere Viticultural Services
Pete Richmond, Silverado Farming Company
Member Admission: $75
Non-Member Admission: $115
To register call the NVG office at (707) 944-8311.