Professional wine storage in New Zealand

Wine writer Bob Campbell MW sent the following information about wine storage in New Zealand. Please send your recommendations via the Comments box at the end of the article.

Wine storage is a new and very welcome addition to the New Zealand scene. The Fine Wine Delivery Company, an Auckland-based wine retailer, recently built a complex of temperature-controlled lockers on their premises. The storage rooms are of various sizes (there's also a casual storage area available for a 'per bottle per month' storage fee). It is possible to hire a storage space for, say, 500 bottles on an annual contract for a fee payable monthly (a little over NZ$1 per bottle per year when I last did the calculations). Key-holders can access their wines in the high-security building between the hours of 6am and midnight. They also have use of a lounge with full cooking facilities plus an outside deck with barbecue (no extra charge for the use of these facilities). The lockers were quickly snapped up. Casual storage is the only available option at the moment. Their web site is


Note that FWDC mentioned by Bob have just moved to a significantly bigger facility (in late 2013). I don't think that they have any casual storage any more - just a larger number of private storage rooms of varying sizes. They still have a lounge for the specific use of storage customers, but I'm not sure that there's a bbq area any more. They say that access is now 24/7 for private cellar renters, with very high individual locker security. Note that I haven't been back since they moved to the new location, but will visit our wines in the next few months and will try to remember to report back then. Hopefully they transferred our wines to the new location without any hiccups (I'm sure that they did).

18 Feb 2014 02:04 by Paul Jennings

How hot do you think it might have got?

14 Mar 2010 17:56 by Jancis Robinson

Hi Jancis,  I have been storing wine at my parents house in NZ (Waikato).  It is under the house in wine racks, however there is not much protection from temperature fluctuations.   I am looking into different storage options (such as the above option), however is it too late for the wines that I have been storing all ready?  I add to the collection about once a year, however a lot of the wines have been there for  3 or 4 years all ready.  I don't want to spend lots of money storing these wines in case it's too late.  Any suggestions? Thanks Erin  

14 Mar 2010 11:25 by Laura Delooze

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