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Calling all soccer fans…

31 Jan 2008 by JR

No, this has absolutely nothing to do with wine or food except that the owner-writer of the Journal of Football History, a new online journal, loves both – and happens to be our son William Lander, pictured right, about 12 years ago, advising the late Bill Baker and then chef Simon Hopkinson on how to cook New Year's Eve dinner.


He tells me that the Journal of Football History is the first online journal dedicated to the history of the world's most popular sport. As well as all JOFH issues and articles, the new site boasts a forum, reviews, links and a handy "history of..." section.
In this month's issue we travel from 1930s Vienna to a bar in downtown Kampala via Il Mago of Milan and Fernando Redondo - the greatest player who never was (maybe), Will says.

To be honest, I am not qualified to review its content, just old enough to tell Will that some of the type is too small for my aged eyes. But some of those who know more about football (soccer, not American) than me have apparently been impressed. It does unite two of Will’s great passions – other than food and wine.


Try it and see what you think. To access all the content visit and hit Subscribe to become a member. Will is more generous then me. There is no membership fee for the Journal of Football History. .

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