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Sicilian video 4

3 Apr 2008 by JR

You may have found my earlier video of a village in rural China a bit juddery, but that was filmed on a smooth road. The footage below was filmed in a 4x4 attempting to navigate the roughest track imaginable through the steep vineyards of Andrea Franchetti who arrived here in time to make the 2001 vintage (a past wine of the week) from bought-in grapes. Until recently this hillside was covered with thick brushwood. This had to be cleared to expose the old terraces and construct this 'road'. 

Note how tiny the vines look even though they are between four and six years old. At this altitude, up to 1,000m, the climate is so cool that growth is stunted (despite the expected fertility of volcanic soils) and they look as though they are only about two years old.

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