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Bordeaux 2007 here we come

30 Mar 2008 by JR
Julia and I are in Bordeaux all this week (in fact Julia has been there since Friday), tasting as many 2007s as possible to try to work out who made the most of one of the most difficult vintages of recent times.
We will be on the road tasting from morning til night but will try to keep in touch. There are many delights scheduled for this week while we do serious damage to our tooth enamel  in Bordeaux. There's a look at smart red bordeaux you may have in your cellar - 1997 to 2005, as well as a week-long series on one of Europe’s most exciting emerging fine wine regions.
So please do keep visiting, posting questions and observations on the members’ forum and following our recommendations. We will certainly be catching up with the site every night but you may have to be even more indulgent than usual of the occasional typo as our responses and reports may necessarily be more incoherent or rushed than usual.
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