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Dry Germans make it into mass distribution

3 Jul 2008 by JR

Iris Ellmann of The WineBarn is one of modern German wine’s most insistent importers. (I say this as the recipient of countless stern emails accusing me of not supporting German wine enough!)

German-born, she lives in England and has finally convinced Threshers, the UK’s dominant chain of off-licences, to list one of her wines, an off-dry Riesling Kabinett from the excellent organic producer Heyl zu Herrnsheim. Heyl zu Herrnsheim Riesling Kabinett 2006 Rheinhessen is expected in Thresher stores from about 11 Jul and will be offered via Thresher’s usual curious mechanic of an outrageous price per bottle (£15.99 in this case) but a reasonably good one (£10.66) if you take up their three for two offer.

Even more outré is the Pinot Noir from Heger in Baden that Iris has also just sold to Virgin Wines, one of the UK’s leading online retailers. Heger Spätburgunder 2005 Baden is a mature Pinot Noir from one of Germany’s more highly regarded producers of the new dry, fully ripe reds and Virgin plan to list it in August at £12.99.

Let's hope theses retailers have more success with their WineBarn wines than purple pager and Michelin-starred restaurateur Roger Jones had, as reported in this thread in members' forum.

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