Understanding Austrian labels
9 Sep 2008 by Jancis Robinson

, traditional sweet wine speciality of Rust, usually deep-coloured and with more than a hint of Tokay character.

Auslese, late picked, lightly sweet wines.

Beerenauslese (BA), very sweet wines, often with noble rot, with more weight and usually less acid than their German counterparts and should therefore be drunk sooner.

DACDistrictus Austriae Controllatus, Austria’s 21st-century classification for a typical regional style or flavour profile, within the overall Qualitätswein category, such as Grüner Veltliner from Weinviertel.

Extratrocken, bone dry.

Halbtrocken, medium dry.

Kabinett, light, dryish crisp wines with real character.

Landwein, superior to Tafelwein.

Lieblich, medium sweet.

Qualitätswein, quality wine.

Spätlese, between Kabinett and Auslese in quality and character.

Süss, sweet.

Tafelwein, basic table wine, rarely exported and sold only in larger bottles sizes.

Trocken, dry.

Trockenbeerenauslese (TBA), nobly rotten grapes produce some truly fine wines almost every year in Burgenland. Austrian TBA is generally less expensive than German.