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Our brand new features
6 Sep 2008 by Jancis Robinson

We are absolutely thrilled that we have been able to introduce so many new features on our completetly redesigned site, which has been built specifically for our needs, in response to what you said you wanted in our survey last year:

Much, much more effective navigation and search options.

A new section called Your views where purple pagers can feed in their own tasting notes and reviews of restaurants, bars, hotels, wine stores and food stores. We believe this will prove an extremely valuable resource and urge you all to contribute. 

A major new section called Learn about wine (find it under Resources) where you can find the most amazing amount of information, completely free, about wine regions, grapes and how to buy, taste, serve and store wine.

For the first time ever all those wonderfully detailed maps from the World Atlas of Wine (latest, 6th edition) are available online – exclusively for the benefit of purple pagers and fully searchable.

Brand new, infinitely more user-friendly and sophisticated formats for the forums.

A special videos and podcasts section to accommodate our growing media library.

We hope you will enjoy exploring the nooks and crannies of this new site design and will take full advantage of all these new features.

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