What people say about this site
16 Sep 2008 by Jancis Robinson

The following comments were made before our transformation into a much more sophisticated format in Sep 2008.


There is a personal warmth that makes it feel like I’m in the room.”
Greg Randle, USA (member since 2007)

Jancis is not only a brilliant writer but the one taster and expert who I respect enormously.”
Gavin Quinney, France (member since 2004)

An enormous amount of written information that is so frequently added, ensuring that there is always something new and interesting to learn about.”
Noel Durlacher, UK (member since 2004)

The members’ forum is lively, extremely informative and attracts smart people without ever being snobby.”
David Churchill, Canada (member since 2004)

“I love Jancis’ conversational writing style. There is no other wine writer in the world with her unique turn-of-phrase and delicate diplomacy in describing the wines of our times.”
Jennie Thornton, USA (member since 2004)

“The o
nline version of the Oxford Companion to Wine is like gold for students.”
Jeroen Ervynck, Belgium (member since 2006)

"The site has comprehensive tasting reviews that are highly informative and present a British perspective as a counter to the pervading American viewpoint."
Nick Greenhill, New Zealand (member since 2002)

"I really like the zest and clarity with which JR expresses herself."
James Turner, UK (purple pages member since 2002)

“I enjoy the personal touch from Jancis and her inimitable style. It is like being part of a small group of friends, although I suspect that it is in fact quite a large group!”
Mark Humble (South Africa, member since 2006)

I have found no other site with even nearly as broad global reportage on the world of wine.”
Donald Dibbern, USA (member since 2007)

“She can be relied on for excellent gossip.”
Janee Schupp, New Zealand (member since 2004)

I love the directness and down-to-earth feeling of everything. A place like this, supported and created by fine wine lovers, could easily become very snobbish and ‘unnatural.' It is admirable that purple pages stay so useful and natural.”
Marie Ahm, Spain (member since 2007)

"The articles have a personal and relaxed feeling. I'm learning without feeling I'm reading a textbook."
Martin Nettleton, UK (member since 2002)

"I value the unique possibility of getting Jancis Robinson's personal view and her personal feedback. It would be the same as getting Freud's feedback on Psychology!"
Rodrigo Mainardi, Brazil (member since 2002)

“Your reporting has turned us on to some great producers and the value of Candid’s subscription far outweighs the cost”
Damien Casten, Candid Wines of Illinois (member since 2004)

“What a wonderfully useful forum”
Simon Walters, UK (member since 2005)

"Jancis offers authoritative, impartial, un-stuffy, a-pleasure-to-read editorial content which is also frequently amusing, and has an enjoyable ‘insider’ feel."
Reg Ward, Spain (member since 2002)

"There is a vast amount of terrific information provided in a wonderful format. I love the fact that the site is TOTALLY independent."
Sandra Hollander, USA (purple pages member since 2002)


“The website of Jancis Robinson, one of the world's most respected and independent wine writers, is a veritable Aladdin's cave of information and opinion. Just relaunched, and constantly updated, it is lively, witty, eminently accessible, and certain to keep you the toast of the dinner party circuit.
“Do not miss the wonderful free content, including the latest news and views. The best bits however, are contained within the members-only Purple Pages where you can read thousands of tasting notes (with scores and suggested drinking dates), insider information, gossip and fine wine facts, as well as the cosmopolitan members' forum - described as 'the most courteous wine forum on the planet' by La Revue du Vin de France. As if that weren't enough to keep you busy, members also enjoy unlimited access to the only online versions of the award-winning classic Oxford Companion to Wine and the brilliant maps of the World Atlas of Wine.”
The Guardian (6 Sep 2008)

“Numerous websites, chat rooms and bulletin boards have added to the lustre of certain writers (Jancis Robinson), challenged others’ reputations (Robert Parker, Wine Spectator) and brought new attention to particular grapes, regions and brands. JancisRobinson.com is the single best site on the Web for wine information. Her lucid essays offer a straightforward snapshot of the wider world of the grape.”
Doug Frost MS MW, Kansas City.com (2 May 2007)

“There are plenty of less famous wine sites that are also worth savoring: jancisrobinson.com. Britain's Jancis Robinson has been called the Julia Child of wine. Robinson's advice is impeccable, her wit dry and her take on wine refreshingly non-American.”
Sharon Kapnick, Time magazine (19 Jan 2007)

“Jancis Robinson's www.jancisrobinson.com, though it isn't officially a blog, is updated so regularly (when does she sleep?) that it might as well be.”
Richard Ehrlich, Independent on Sunday (Oct 2006)

“JancisRobinson.com has had a makeover since Wine Report 2006 but it remains independent and free of advertising. An online version of the Oxford Companion to Wine is one of its killer applications. Subscription is £69 per annum ($119 or 99 euros) – not cheap but the quality is high.”
Tom Cannavan, Wine Report 2007 (Sep 2006)

"Based on content and value, I'd take it in an instant over Wine Spectator or Robert M. Parker Jr.'s Wine Advocate at comparable prices."
Robin Garr of www.wineloverspage.com (May 2006)

"For my money, the site worth paying for is JancisRobinson.com."
Los Angeles Times survey of wine websites (22 Feb 2006)

“To many, one of the best examples of wine journalism on the web.”
Virginie Boome, Santa Rosa Press Democrat (2006)