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Playmobil Wine Bar

15 Apr 2009 by Jancis Robinson

Why did no-one draw my attention to the best wine-based April Fool of all? And created by purple pager Steve De Long to boot. Much funnier than's all-too-believable story that the French were to ban drinking alcohol in pavement cafes, and even our own powdered wine spoof.

It took until today when a friend in Washington pointed me in the direction of


The announcement of the Olympic wine tasting event is also brilliant. Scroll down to the 1 April entry.

16 Apr 2009 08:51 by Julia Harding

Hi Jancis - thank you for the mention and sorry about the "hat head". Our stylist had the day off. This was just one piece of the - an April fool's spoof very well organized by W. R. Tish, Katie Pizzuto and Dale Cruse.

15 Apr 2009 16:09 by Steve De Long

My younger daughter's reaction: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha why have they made you look so spiffy? you're much more classic hahhaha ....maven

15 Apr 2009 15:34 by Jancis Robinson

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