Fixes fixed
2 Jul 2009 by Jancis Robinson

Major housekeeping announcement. Thanks to a vast amount of work and patience on the part mainly of Julia, and also some real application recently on behalf of Yuriy Letser of developers Alcuda, we are relieved to be able to announce that, at last, the following fixes have been made to the operation of our new site design that was launched last September(!). Feel free to comment in our new, editable box, below.

•    Comments in ‘Add a comment’ boxes at the end of certain articles can now be formatted. (NB to get a new paragraph you have to hit 'enter' twice otherwise it just gives a new line – and you cannot see this until you have posted your comment.) But beware, you still cannot edit them once they have been posted. Note that to make this work immediately, or if your settings are such that your cache is never cleared automatically, you will need to clear your browser's cache. You can find out how to here.

•    An ‘Add a comment’ box added after each new tasting note in the ‘Your views’ section. (It was already in place in the other ‘Your views’ sections.)

•    In the tasting notes section of ‘Your views’ the country and region are automatically completed for you once you put in the correct appellation. (Assuming the appellation has featured in the main site’s tasting notes database before.)

•    The Oxford Companion search is now working better (eg it ignores missing accents or –ise vs –ize spelling variants in the term you enter in the search box).

•    Tasting notes search – various bugs have been fixed, eg short words are no longer ignored, missing accents or hyphens are forgiven.

•    The forum can now be searched from the home page without going into the forum (just select ‘Forum’ from the options below the box where you enter your search term).

•    The main site search now shows articles with the search term in the title as the first items in the search results.

•    Forum – had shown the correct number of replies and views for some time now.

And, most recently, the ‘What’s going on’ panel at the end of the forum homepage has been removed so that it is no longer public who is logged on. A few members objected to this. (Apologies to those who liked this feature but we felt we should err on the side of privacy for those who requested it.)