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The levitating table

29 Jul 2009 by Jancis Robinson

Here's a brilliant idea: a table that converts easily from a dining table to a wine tasting bench.

We professional tasters know well how literally back-breaking it is to write tasting notes on a table designed for eating at (see the lengths we have to go to at The mechanics of tasting). The ideal table height for tasting wine (or anything else, I suppose) is almost a foot taller so that you can stand and take notes at it.

The table below was spotted at Rajat Parr's new San Francisco restaurant RN74.  Most of the time it's a communal table for people to share food around but when they have a tasting or presentation, it is raised hydraulically using the gear underneath so as to be a particularly comfortable tasting bench.  I have no idea what it cost, and I dare say that someone will suggest that simply lifting it up and sticking a pile of books under each leg would have been a lot cheaper, but it seemed pretty clever to me.  (Not sure about the tonne-weight chairs that go with it though...)



I came across levitating desks in offices in Sweden a few years back.  Apparently it's fairly standard workplace practice there, designed so that people of different sizes can sit comfortably at their desks; or they can stand to work if they wish - a popular choice, at least for parts of the day.  It certainly made me think how most of us must be using a workplace that is not tailored to our specific dimensions.

11 Aug 2009 20:32 by Heather Dougherty

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