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TV Jancis - new feature!

3 Sep 2009 by Jancis Robinson

The following is really self-explanatory.  At last, I emerge from behind my Flip video to plonk myself, rather breathlessly on our last night in the Languedoc, in front of it.   I was in such a hurry to catch the fading light that I forgot to brush my hair. Oh dear. Meanwhile Nick wondered what on earth I was up to.

If you listen very hard, you might hear Manfred Mann in the background... (We treasure a collection of vintage vinyl down there.)

And watch out for a preview this season's new collection in the form of the brand new Concise World Atlas of Wine officially published on Monday/Labor Day.


it's theoretically possible to put Atlas of Wine onto an iphone already. you need an app called Readdledocs  which accepts scanned documents saved as .pdf on your computer and sent wirelessly to the iphone. I've done this for Wainwright's books and it works a treat. Best kept to black and white as colour files take a while to load up.

16 Sep 2009 14:47 by peter harvey

When is the Atlas of Wine iPhone app coming out? ;)

6 Sep 2009 13:41 by Ryan Opaz

More yabbering away please from the 'other side' of the flip camera! Sad there was no live tasting note on the Chateau d'Esclan. David Banford

6 Sep 2009 09:02 by David Banford

One of course!  If I'd done more it might have been more polished but probably less expressive.

Very many thanks for your encouragement. 

3 Sep 2009 10:22 by Jancis Robinson

Terrific, but it really contrasts with the cool grey skies of London this week!  Don't  ever be so shy not to do more of these; really warms up the site.  Thank you.  How many takes?

3 Sep 2009 09:32 by Tim Hall

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