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WineFuture on video

14 Nov 2009 by Jancis Robinson

Below are two short clips from the two-day WineFuture conference just ended in Rioja.  The first is from Thursday, the start of the most talked-about presentation, Gary Vaynerchuk's prowling of the stage to alert the assembled wine luminaries to their need to get communicating with their customers the GaryVee way.  (Expect to see a dramatic increase in wine trade tweeting.)

And then below is a quick sweep of the auditorium of Rioja Forum, the conference centre in Logroño where the main sessions were held, from the stage at the very, very end. The hall is not as full as it had been since some participants had already left, perhaps feeling that a question and answer session with, in order on the stage, Justin Howard-Sneyd MW from Waitrose, Paul Pontallier from Ch Margaux, me, wine exporter Christopher Canaan, Don St Pierre Jr of ASC in China, Robert Parker, Boston wine importer Jorge Ordoñez and Mel Dick of huge distributors Southern Wine & Spirits, was eminently missable. (See my account of the most popular controversial item on the programme, Parker;s Grenache tasting.)

I can't honestly say that we solved the wine business's problems.  In fact I felt that we did not discuss its gravest ones - economic peril for so many - in enough detail.  But the conference was certainly not a waste of time, and represented a huge coup on the part of Pancho Campo (seen at the microphone) and the Wine Academy of Spain team to have managed to get such a high-profile crowd together.

Apart from the entirely predictable Spanish tendency to serve food several hours too late for non-Spanish digestions, the organisation was extremely good considering the numbers and range of nationalities and needs involved.

I'll publish my tasting notes on Parker's Grenache/Garnacha tasting on Monday and will try to add some thoughts on the best spoken sessions too.


Hi Jancis, your readers might want to read you said, or better still, see what you said. Added to which, Gary Vay-ner-chuk's presentation on 'the internet wine revolution' is well worth viewing in full. I've included links to the videos on our blog, Best wishes, Gavin Quinney

24 Nov 2009 15:45 by Gavin Quinney

Dear Jancis, What a true things you say here! I joined the Wine Future Rioja with a group of students of WSET of the Netherlands en Belgium. I am very thankfull to you for being on a phofograph with me: a very important photo on the "wall of fame"in my shop. Now, home again, I feel very very inspired! Although indeed there are no problems really solved, the food-times were rather meditarrainian,  and a lot of people left too early. I own a wine-and delistore in The Hague in The Netherlands and have learned  lot these days that I can use in my business as well as in my study. The closing debat with all the people you mentioned: I loved it!  Particularily you comments were very usefull and straight forward. And you brought ik with humor. Very inspiring was of course Gary. When I finished this commend I will singn in for Twitter ánd Facebook ;-). I also learned that Robert Parker is not so awfull I always thought he was. I actually liked his commentaries! I am looking forward to your tasting notes of the Parker Tasting! Anne-Wies van Oosten

14 Nov 2009 19:54 by Anne-Wies van Oosten

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