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A giant step for

9 Dec 2009 by Jancis Robinson

We can at last reveal that, after months of toil, we have integrated the bulk of the nearly 40,000 tasting notes in the tasting notes database on Purple pages with both CellarTracker and VinCellar cellar-management systems. From today, Purple pagers with CellarTracker and/or VinCellar accounts will be able to access our wine reviews, scores and suggested drinking dates directly from these accounts – making membership of Purple pages yet more valuable.

We are always grateful for feedback from members and indeed it was partly as a result of suggestions from some of them that we instigated these new, rather complex, integration processes. Their wish is my command, and it is clear that Eric LeVine of CellarTracker and Stephen Bachmann of Vinfolio (which operates the VinCellar system, pictured here) are the kings of cellar-management systems with thousands of users around the world (although see here for challenges for Vinfolio in early 2010). I am deeply grateful for all the hard work on the part of our team and theirs that has been required to make all this work.

I’m delighted to say that, although there are literally thousands of free articlesvincellar on, and we try to add at least one new one most days,  the number of subscribers to Purple pages continues to grow most gratifyingly. There are now Purple pagers in more than 100 countries. But I know that there is so much excellent wine-related information and opinion available free, that we have to continue to offer Purple pagers more and more.  All those wine reviews, thousands of articles, a particularly courteous and well-informed forum and the only online versions of The Oxford Companion to Wine and World Atlas of Wine maps are not enough!

Purple pagers can access this thread on the Members’ forum about this exciting new topic. 


Michael, is that you my Dr. Gordon ?of course its me ...couldn’t you tell by my Pavie quip?Alas, as you know, some call my excellent sense of humour(sic) corny..but seriously, as I mentioned, the juxtaposition of these three writer’s notes is fantastic.. miss tasting with you 

11 Dec 2009 16:55 by Michael Gordon

Michael, is that you my Dr. Gordon? Great to see you here, it has been too long.

11 Dec 2009 05:19 by Eric LeVine

This is wonderful.It is so terrific and educational to see the notes of Jancis, Tanzer, and Parker in juxtaposition to one another....particulalry for wines such as Pavie, for example   ;-)Thank you Jancis and Eric for all of your hard work making this happen. 

10 Dec 2009 22:18 by Michael Gordon

Vinfolio is thrilled to be working with Jancis.  Anyone can set up a free VinCellar account and then link it to their Purple Pages account.  Please direct any questions to

9 Dec 2009 18:01 by Ann Feely

He's up!  (Eric in Seattle.)  And much quicker off the mark than me.


9 Dec 2009 16:06 by Jancis Robinson


'You should in fact join up with so that we all over the world can find out where we can buy and how much for what you recommend.'

Actually we already provide this for all the wines in our database.  Just go to Tasting notes search at

Key in the wine(s) you are looking for in the right hand panel and click on what  is in the left hand Producer column to find the individual tasting note(s).

Each one should have a Find this wine link direct to the revelant page(s) of the admirable


9 Dec 2009 16:04 by Jancis Robinson

Nicholas, I am not 100% sure what you are asking. You can browse to CellarTracker without registering and see the 1.1 million consumer-generated tasting notes. However, as Jancis notes, to see her content, you need to register and then do a simple activation, as I only show her content to valid, current Purple Pages subscribers. If you any other questions about CellarTracker please do feel free to email me

9 Dec 2009 16:01 by Eric LeVine

That is correct, Nicholas.  And vice versa is true.  It's only Purple pages members who can see our tasting notes on these very clever cellar management systems.

The email I sent out to  members this morning explains in a bit more detail.

One more important thing.  Someone responded to that email saying, ' 9 Dec 2009 15:58 by Jancis Robinson

Sorry to be stupid but it comes naturally to me: is it correct that I can only access the CellarTracker or Vincellar tasting notes if I have an account with them ? In other words, being a Purple Pager is insufficient in itself to access the CT/VC notes ? When I explore the tasting notes pages, the only reviews I have found so far are yours.   Nick E

9 Dec 2009 15:39 by Nicholas Emley

What an exciting development, no more manual entry of Jancis' tasting notes!

9 Dec 2009 14:35 by Christian Pillsbury

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