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Bargain Barossa?

29 Mar 2010 by Jancis Robinson

Naked Wines, the innovative UK mail-order company started up by Rowan Gormley, ex Virgin Wines, is introducing yet another scheme: this time offering some top Barossa Valley reds at hugely reduced prices, provided people pay in advance.

Kym Teusner's Joshua 2008, for example, is being offered at a pre-order price of £9.99 a bottle when it retails in Australia for Aus$25. Damien Tscharke's Glaymond Shiraz/Mataro is offered at £11.01 when the usual retail price is Aus$34.

Gormley describes the scheme with typical bombast thus: 'We are launching something which will demolish the barriers to export for small producers, and reduce prices to customers dramatically. The idea is that customers will be able to book their wines in advance, just as you would an airline ticket [or a case of bordeaux en primeur? JR].

'For the producer, this means that you can sell your wines before they are even made, reducing risk and wastage. For the consumer, it means lower prices and (in time, we hope!) a big increase in choice.'

For more information, see Naked Wines' website.

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