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Blending the Palmas sherries

4 Nov 2011 by Jancis Robinson

See this guide to this week’s sherry coverage.

As I will explain in more detail tomorrow, I spent the morning tasting dozens and dozens of different casks of sherry in the González Byass bodegas with a view to finding the best to blend together to make four very distinctive 'raw' sherries to be known as the Palmas range.

Below preparations are made for the final selection process. Above is head winemaker Antonio Flores sitting opposite me as we discuss the options available. You can hear me chewing on some much-needed breadsticks in the commentary below.

And Purple pagers can read more about the wines we eventually blended in González Byass Palmas sherries. I reiterate, I have absolutely no commercial relationship with these sherries nor with González Byass, I merely accepted their invitation to be involved with the selection process because I happened to be in Jerez at a suitable time, and because I knew I would enjoy it and, as usual, learn a great deal.

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