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New look for our site

10 Jan 2012 by Team Jancis

We hope you like our new-look home pages. Our development and design team have worked hard to come up with a more logical, cleaner design and to get it in place effectively. There will inevitably be a few teething problems, we fear, and hope that you will bear with us while we iron them out.

If the site doesn't look right on your screen, try pressing Ctrl-R (or on a Mac Cmd-R) to re-load the page.

Purple Pagers, do please fee free to suggest improvements and fine tunings via the Comments box below.


Noel, this shouldn't happen.  We made some changes. Is it still happening?

17 Jan 2012 19:03 by Jancis Robinson

Nice improvements - Thanks! Would be even better if I didn't have to log in every time I visit. Noel Desnos

11 Jan 2012 09:28 by Noel Desnos

Good news.  Thanks for the reactions.  Always reassuring to know we are not throwing things into a void. 

10 Jan 2012 21:38 by Jancis Robinson

yes, subtle changes but it looks much cleaner now.definitely an improvement. 

10 Jan 2012 18:14 by Gilberto Colangelo

I really like the new layout. Less cluttered, easier to navigate, easier searches in particular. Good job! Shawn H

10 Jan 2012 18:11 by Shawn Halpin

Subtle changes, but big improvements! Page elements are clearly defined and I can even see the RSS button now! I also like the new centralized search box at the top of each page. That is a big help as I do use that search box frequently on your site.

10 Jan 2012 12:02 by Uwe Kristen

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