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17 Apr 2012 by Tamlyn Currin

Way back in September last year, after a discussion round her dinner table where we were all celebrating our win as first-ever Louis Roederer wine website of the year, Jancis proposed that we institute an international wine Events diary on this site. The response on the forum was generally positive, and so we got to work.

Progress has been a little impeded by the odd time-consuming set of en primeur tasting notes, and our never-ending list of other site improvements. However, I'm glad to say that we have finally got there!

Today, we will launch our Events diary designed to provide a service to wine lovers everywhere. Whether you're a Purple Pager or not, you may add any consumer wine-related event you are organising, anywhere around the world. We'd like this to be one of the best places to come if you want to find out where the masterclasses are held, where the wine dinners are happening, when the wine clubs are meeting, and where and when to meet the winemakers.

The ground rules (which are merely pencilled in while we see how things go, and may be adjusted to streamline operations) are as follows:

  • Anyone may add an event so long as it is not trade-only.
  • Please fill in as much relevant information as possible within the allocated space, and make sure you include contact details for any enquiries.
  • The event will be published when one of the team approves it.
  • We reserve the right to moderate any event, delete an event, or withhold publication while we seek further information.

Of course, we need your input and feedback, so please get your own diaries out so you can notify us of any events you know about. Once the Events diary is up and running, please suggest ways to improve it. As you know, we really do value your ideas and opinions.

See the new Events diary and don't hesitate to use it to shape your own celebration of wine.


Hello!  Has the designer made a this into an API/Widget/WordPress Plug-in so that it can be incorporated into our blogs?  Thanks!  Robbin Gheesling

20 Apr 2012 13:58 by Robbin Gheesling

Hi Andrea. I've seen your event and it should be published now. Please note point three above, 'The event will be published when one of the team approves it.' We will try and approve events as soon after they are created as possible, but in certain circumstances, like time differences (for example, your event was created in the middle of the night for us) or weekends, or workload, there may be a small delay. The delay is unlikely to be more than 24 hours. I hope that clarifies the process for you.

Kind regards, Tamlyn. 

18 Apr 2012 08:32 by Tamlyn Currin

I have posted an event on may 1st and although it says " created successfully" I don't see it on the calendar, unless i am logged it. I I posted it twice once when i was logged in and once when I wasn't.  I would like all to see the event.   Please let me know:  

18 Apr 2012 02:35 by Andrea

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