JancisRobinson.com goes mobile!

5 Sep 2012 by Richard Hemming

We are delighted to announce that, in response to your comments, a mobile-optimised version of JancisRobinson.com is now live.

It has been in development for many months, with a trial period during which several members of Purple Pages kindly helped us with its look, feel and functionality. As is always the way with such things, we are braced for the discovery of further glitches. We ask for your patience and understanding, but above all your feedback - please do let us know if you discover any particular issues.
If you prefer to use the full, regular version of JancisRobinson.com while on the move, that is still possible. At the bottom of the landing page of the mobile site, there is a link that reads 'non-mobile-friendly version of the site' (see bottom right). Click there if you wish to be returned to more familiar territory.

The mobile version of the site is designed to offer a quicker, more easily navigable and more effectively formatted version for reading on smaller screens. It carries every article we publish (with the exception of tasting articles, for the moment) as well as a streamlined tasting notes search which we very much hope you will find useful.

There is a comments box below for any comments you may have at this stage. If we receive conflicting feedback on particular issues, we will create a simple survey to gauge overall opinion.

For the moment - happy surfing!


Hi Jonathan, currently, there is not. I suspect it would be too mammoth a task to re-work the forum for mobile usage, and that there are other tasks to prioritise at the moment!

4 Sep 2012 17:21 by Richard Hemming

Is there a way of going into the Forums from the new mobile version? Doesn't matter if not as we can still go in via the non-mobile version.

4 Sep 2012 16:26 by Jonathan Cottrell

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