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18 Dec 2012 by Jancis Robinson

Ever since Wine Grapes was published at the end of October, we've tried to give guidance as to where it can best be bought, preferably at less than the cover price of £120/$175 (even though this means we receive a lower royalty). See our current recommendations at the top of the article How to order Wine Grapes.

For those based in the UK, we initially recommended Mooma in Gloucestershire, a fulfilment house recommended by our publishers Penguin, but after several complaints about very slow delivery times we switched to other suggestions. Overall, The Book Depository looks to be offering a very keen price, £78.92, to include delivery virtually worldwide.

We'd be very grateful for any feedback from those who have ordered Wine Grapes, no matter from where. We'd hate to find ourselves recommending something that doesn't work very well. Any comments in the Comment box below would be most helpful.

The image above is of the US edition, which is identical to the UK edition except that its cover and slipcase are dark red rather than porridge colour.


Got mine from UKPaperbackShop, via  I paid £63.42 incl postage, which was the cheapest price I could see at the time.  I cannot remember how long it took to arrive, so it was probably a few days.  I didn't think the packing looked adequate, but actually the book and the surrounding box were in excellent condition.

21 Dec 2012 13:57 by Steve Slatcher

I ordered my copy from Book Depositry (UK) on the 1st December and received it, here in Singapore, today the 20th. Unfortunately my wife whipped it off my hands before I could look at it and promptly placed it under the Christmas Tree. How many sleeps before Christmas?

20 Dec 2012 11:19 by Kevin Gibson

In an attempt to boycott our favourite tax-dodging retailer, I pre-ordered from Moomamarket. However, not only did most of my Amazon-ordering friends get their copies a few days prior to the official publication date, I hadn't received anything from Moomamarket the week after publication. When I called them they told me they had run out of stock but that there would be more in soon and they could deliver within 28 days! Rather dreadful service from Moomamarket given that the whole point of preordering is to receive the title on the publication day. In the end, I cancelled the order, bit the bullet with Amazon, and had Wine Grapes within two days. Great book; thanks for all your hard work.

20 Dec 2012 10:46 by Jason Millar

The Book Depository now offering it worldwide at £70.58.  Sell shares in Wine Grapes?!

20 Dec 2012 10:26 by Jancis Robinson

HI there, in China at the equivalent of 93GBP is a pretty good deal given that shipping costs are so high. Not sure on lead time but seems to be quite slick.

19 Dec 2012 00:41 by Marcus Ford

Bought from Amazon US on pre-order for $US 120.00 delivered to NZ  (as Amazon UK was 120 quid plus P&P), arrived in excellent condition. Beautifully presented and full of information. Well done all three authors. Only quibbles would be, next edition in two volumes and in at least 10 point please! Would prefer stitched binding rather than perfect-bound for a book of this quality. Print in China (or wherever), but bind in the US perhaps?.  

18 Dec 2012 20:37 by Murray Paterson

paid only € 78.50 (incl shipping) at a couple of days ago. price increased since....

18 Dec 2012 18:53 by Roman Ruedisuehli

I had bought from It is easy to understand, beautiful, filled with interesting information. Satisfied!! 

18 Dec 2012 18:11 by Soshi Kawaguchi

Amazon UK delivered to France in 3 days for £86.00. A beautifully presented book. Have yet to delve inside.

18 Dec 2012 15:55 by hugo stewart

For me, worked perfectly, as they always do. Quickly delivered to Brazil for US$120, shipping included.

18 Dec 2012 13:19 by Bernardo Silveira M. Pinto

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