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Argentina vintages

2013 was healthy, dry and abundant with a cool spell late in the season prolonging the ripening period for red varieties. Very promising quality across all regions.

2012 was similar to 2011, but with lower yields leading to higher colour, fruit intensity and notable tannin that will require many years of bottle age to resolve.

2011 brought a generally cool, damp year to Argentina. Frost and hail caused some damage too, so careful selection was required to produce the best wines. On the plus side, the coolness made for particular aromatic intensity in white wines.

2010 made reds with slightly lower than average alcohol, thanks to a cool ripening season. Fruit was harvested in good health, but quality was not as good as the exceptional 2009s.

2009 was, for some, one of the best vintages of the decade in Mendoza. Winter was mild, spring was dry and summer was warm, with diurnal variation of over 15ºC. Weather throughout harvest was very dry too, giving fruit in great condition.

2008 had a very cold winter, a warm spring and a wetter than average autumn. Generally underpowered as a vintage, although reds were marginally better than whites.

2007 was good for white, but difficult for reds in Mendoza, with excessive heat leading to below optimal freshness in the wines. Salta did better, with Torrontés faring especially well. For a very detailed report, see our full report on 2007 in Argentina.

2006 produced a very good vintage, making reds with freshness and plenty of body and fruit power. Excellent quality.

2005 brought cool weather meaning a lighter, more aromatic style of wine. The long, dry autumn allowed for extended ripening, which allowed for good natural balance.

produced great concentration in reds, but late rains undermined the Cabernet Sauvignons.

2003 was dry and warm, producing healthy fruit that made for typically fruity, deeply coloured reds.

2002 was hotter than average, giving ripe, round tannin with full flavour ripeness.

2001 created unremarkable wines, with rain leading to dilution in many examples.

 was a cool vintage, leaving the wines with high acid and fresh fruit.

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