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10 Jul 2013 by Richard Hemming

In response to some very helpful Purple Pagers' feedback, we have recently expanded the vintage summaries in our Instant expert section, to include the Loire Valley, South Africa, Argentina and Chile. We also have bang up-to-date reports on the 2013 vintage for all those countries who have already harvested.

For those who weren't aware of it, Instant expert is an extensive and entirely free section of the website that offers a plenitude of information on wine - a guide to wine regions, wine grapes, how to serve and store wine, food matching, where to buy wine, how to store it, how to describe it and much more. We do hope you will make full use of it, and share it among your wine-loving friends and relatives.

If you have any other suggestions for how we might expand and improve this resource, please do leave a comment below.


Thanks Richard, being a Loire Chenin nut myself, I've been reading up on their vintages. I find the vintage summaries can be very useful if I've got the choice of several in a restaurant wine list, for example, and the wine doesn't have tasting notes.  

11 Jul 2013 09:32 by Jonathan Cottrell

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