This week: southern Italy and NZ - a guide

21 Oct 2013 by Jancis Robinson

This week we have two themes: Walter's manifold reports based on his stay in Puglia as a participant in Radici del Sud, designed to showcase the wines of southern Italy, and my reports on verticals of wines from three of the most significant producers of New Zealand, all of whom are in the South Island. But this is by no means all we have in store for you this week, so do keep coming back to check.

As the legend on these jugs says, 'only wine makes me happy'.

Articles are listed in the order of publication.


A herculean task for Puglia

Radici del Sud - the wines

Southern Italy - the producers speak

Look, Mama, no oak - Duca Carlo Guarini's Malvasia Nera

Can Primitivo age? 


Felton Road strokes its beard

Bell Hill - remember Chardonnay?

Rippon's prehistoric tasting

Tags:  Puglia, NZ
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