iAtlas garlanded in New York

15 Jan 2014 by Jancis Robinson

We are thrilled to announce that last night the iBook of the recently published seventh edition of The World Atlas of Wine picked up an award at the Digital Book Awards at the Sheraton in New York. The photograph shows LeVar Burton, founder of the Reading Rainbow program (and the guy from Star Trek in the harmonica glasses), presenting the crystal award to Elizabeth Hermann, who has done such a great job publicising these new publications, paper and electronic, in the US.

She reports on a 'really lovely evening and great applause for your win. It was a real mixed bag of topics, with the focus on formats. Here's the closing line of my little acceptance. You'll either find it amusing or stupid, but it got a laugh: "As great as digital is, aren't we glad that wine is destined to remain in liquid format?"'

The Digital Book Awards are designed to 'celebrate innovation in apps and ebook publishing' and you can see the full list of finalists here. You won't believe the name of the category our book won: Ebook Fixed Format/Enhanced - Illustrated/Comics/Graphic Novels.

Particular thanks to Martin Coombs of 
DC Graphic Design and Kjell Eldor who is such a whizz he has been poached from publishers Octopus, owners of Mitchell Beazley.

To celebrate the win the price of this wonderfully portable, zoomable, glamorous version of the Atlas has been reduced for a limited period to a mere smidgeonette - £9.99/€11.99/$16.99/CA$17.99/Au$17.99/NZ419.99 -  next to nothing! To find our more click here

Tags:  WAW7, ebooks
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