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13 Jun 2014 by Jancis Robinson

From €9.39, $11.99, £10.95, 125 Swedish krone, Norwegian krone, 740 rubles, HK$169, 2356 yen and more

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This is one of those wines that seems to be available virtually everywhere, so must be made in substantial quantities, yet is an irreproachable classic. TheRiesling_Alsace_Trimbach Trimbach family have been making wine in Alsace since 1626 and can point to their Clos Ste Hune as arguably the single most admired dry Riesling made anywhere. Their 'Classic' Riesling, to which all the prices above relate, is their basic bottling, made largely fruit bought in fruit, yet eloquently expresses the house's uncompromisingly dry, steely, slow-burning, long-lived style. (I had the most wonderful bottle of 1990 Clos Ste Hune only this week.)

Trimbach Riesling 2011 Alsace is super-crisp with real energy and a suggestion of green fruit but, unlike other 2011 Trimbach Rieslings, is ready to enjoy already - or any time over the next three years. (Not bad longevity for such a relatively inexpensive wine.) It is widely available and is one of those wines you can often find on (genuine) special offer. The current best price in the UK is at The Wine Society but it can be found for less than this from a very wide range of European and American retailers.

Anne Trimbach tells me the fruit came mainly from the higher Haut Rhin département, from St-Hippolyte to Thann, 'and a secret spot in Scherwiller (north of where we are). Mostly grapes from the, so to say, beginning of the hills, not the plaine of Alsace. Mostly grapes around Ribeauvillé area where we have the ability to keep a very nice freshness, even in 2011, for 2011 was relatively warm all season, with higher alcohol to be honest, but still nice balance thanks to the nice acidity from the area.'

I tasted the next level up, Trimbach Réserve Riesling 2011 Alsace last September when it was already on offer from Majestic and found it just too young and inexpressive to enjoy, but when I tasted it again last month at the big international Riesling tasting in London, it had opened out beautifully and I would recommend it for really exciting drinking from next year and for the rest of the decade. This bottling is made mainly from grapes grown close to the Trimbach winery in Ribeauvillé, the vines have a bit of age and mainly on limestone. It is certainly a cut above the regular version, and has a recommended UK retail price of £18.50 as opposed to £12 for the Classic version.

I loved the 2010s of these two wines too and the 2010 vintage in Alsace is likely to have produced longer-living wines with a bit more extract than the 2011s, so do pounce on Trimbach Riesling 2010 Alsace and Trimbach Réserve Riesling 2010 Alsace if you can find them too.

As for their top Rieslings Cuvée Frédéric Emile and Clos Ste Hune, the 2009s have only just been released. They are far more expensive and are cellar candidates not for early drinking. To get to grips with just how long these wines live, see for example Clos Ste Hune with bottle age (published in 2012), Trimbach's great Rieslings back to 1971 (2008), Jean Trimbach on drinking young Trimbach (2005) and Trimbach Rieslings (2003).

Find Trimbach 2011 Rieslings

Find Trimbach 2010 Rieslings

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