23 Feb 2006 by Jancis Robinson


After many hours of technical labour, two electronic versions of the essential
reference books Wine Grapes and the 7th edition of The World Atlas of Wine were finally released in autumn 2013. Both have been optimised to suit their relative formats. WAW7_iBook

The World Atlas of Wine
 (pictured right) is an iBook for the iPad, including enhanced functionality and interactivity that includes zooming in on the fine detail of the completely revised maps.

Wine Grapes was formatted for e-readers and can also be read on an iPad. It contains all the information in the printed book (but since the pedigree diagrams are small in the e-reader format they are also available for free at winegrapes.org).

Both links above also provide all the information necessary on where to buy these most useful additions to wine e-literature.


Some apps are utterly brilliant but so far wine apps have been rather disappointing in our experience. We have yet to come up with a sensible app related to the content on this site, preferring to launch and continue to improve the mobile-friendly version of the site itself but will, of course, keep you posted.

Ever-curious about new media, I co-operated with a young Dutch team to produce Jancis Robinson - by the grape which stuttered into the world in May 2011.

And in June 2013 a New York-based company, Netframes, had an app based on our five-hour, award-winning  BBC tv series Jancis Robinson's Wine Course approved and released. See the Complete Wine Course with Jancis Robinson, available now on the AppStore - ambitiously priced.


Jancis Robinson's Wine Course

See here for details of how you can preview extracts from this award-winning series on YouTube

This, to my knowledge, was the world's first wine DVD. It's a beautifully filmed tour of the world of wine presented and written by me and based on dozens of stunning locations in four continents. Each of the ten half-hour programmes is centred on a major grape variety or theme but provides a complete wine education including how wine is made, tasted, stored and enjoyed.

The series won me the overall Glenfiddich Trophy for food and drink communicators in 1995, the UK Wine Guild top award in 1996, and a coveted James Beard Award in the US in 1997.

A big boxed set suitable for the US is available from Amazon.com.  The two-disc PAL version of the DVD shown here is available from Amazon.co.uk.  In continental Europe it is distributed by B-motion of Holland.  For more information on availability and international distribution partnerships, please contact Robert Vugts at  r.vugts@b-motion.nl or call +31 20 6701547.

Sideways - the DVD

The very funny buddy movie about two guys touring Central Coast wine country in search of, respectively, sex and Pinot Noir. The focus is very much sharper than this blurred image suggests.

Mondovino - the DVD

Jonathan Nossiter's controversial documentary about the globalisation of the world of wine.


Reflecting the evolving nature of the world, my once-extensive collection of videos is now effectively no longer extant, other than at the most obscure car boot and yard sales. RIP.