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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson

Sorry. I meant to write an insightful comment on the state of wine today in this slot but am just too busy dealing with requests for signed bookplates for Wine Grapes.

We are absolutely thrilled by the interest in these but please note that our supplies of bookplates signed by all three of us is finite. It took considerable ingenuity to get all 500 signed when we live in different countries so I fear we won't be able to manage to produce any more.

Some of you have written asking us to mail books rather than bookplates. I'm sorry but it is taking quite enough time and effort (not to mention postage to distant parts) to keep on top of demand for bookplates, without shipping any of these 3kg/7lb monsters ourselves. We'll leave that job to the independent booksellers (always your best bet) plus these specialists:

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