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  • Jancis Robinson

22 Oct, later
- And of course we are ecstatic about the praise lavished on the book in today's Jefford on Monday blog The grammar of wine on But he quite rightly complains about the printing error which has left some important bits of three of our 14 revealing vine family trees hidden in the gutter of this massive book. We are so upset by this that we offer those three pedigrees in their flat entirety to any interested party here on our special Wine Grapes website.

22 Oct - We were thrilled to read Fiona Beckett's enthusiasm for our new book Wine Grapes -- A complete guide to 1,368 vine varieties including their origins and flavours in her column From Abbuoto to Zweigelt in The Guardian on Saturday, and it's great to hear that many people have already taken delivery of copies ordered before official publication this Thursday. After four years' hard labour and much preamble, it's a relief for Julia, José Vouillamoz and me to see our 7lb/3kg, 1,240-page, illustrated tome finally making it on to (strong) bookshop shelves. It is officially published in the UK this week and should be available in the US next week.

As you can see from, our website that gives many more details about the book, the only difference between the UK and US editions is the cover, slipcase and price.

At full price the UK edition is (eek) £120 from Penguin's Allen Lane imprint while the US edition is officially priced at $175 and is published by Harper Collin's Ecco subsidiary. But there are many ways to pay much less than this, including, this special offer on and, in the US,, Barnes & Noble and IndieBound. The book is also available from in France, in Germany, in Italy and in Spain.

If you would like a specially designed Wine Grapes bookplate (sample right) signed by all three of us to stick in your copy, just send your name and address to and we will put one in the post to you at our expense. As you can imagine, withWine Grapes bookplate_1 José domiciled in Switzerland and Julia and me living so far apart in London that we only rarely see each other, it required considerable effort to get these sticky-backed bookplates signed by all three of us. (We have been in the same room on only two occasions ever.) So I'm afraid we can't add personal dedications.

By the way, you may find it as difficult as I did initially to work out how to peel away the back of the label. The seam, as Nick patiently pointed out to me, is diagonal.