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More sale stuff

8 Jul 2002 by JR

Bibendum Wine of London NW1 have made absolutely masses of reductions on everything from fine to basic wine in a sale that runs 10-31 July. There's so much discounted that it's worth looking at their site or calling 020 7449 4120 to view the offer in its entirety. Not often do you see Ch Rayas offered at a discount (even the strange 1998 - see wine news Rayas v Beaucastel), or Le Pin, or VCC come to that. And those Luciano Sandrone Piemontese reds are appealing for current drinking.

Perhaps these discounts are being made to celebrate the fact that a big Australian financial outfit has just taken a substantial share in the business. Bibendum'e ex-managing director Tim Heywood-Lonsdale has meanwhile been taken on to run H & H Bancroft (, the rather strange amalagam of the two independent merchants H & H and Adam Bancroft Associates. They too have some good deals available.

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