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Tasting Terroir

23 Aug 2002 by JR

The American wine magazine Wine & Spirits may be less well known than the Wine Spectator, but it is extremely well done with many features of real interest to the quality-conscious (as opposed to points-conscious) wine lover. The current Fall issue is particularly useful, and ground-breaking. The editorial team have attempted something extremely difficult, and pulled it off - a real linkage of the concept of terroir with how wines taste.

Through a series of detailed profiles (an appropriate word in this context) of important and about-to-be-important vineyards around the world and tasting notes on the wines they produce, it really is illuminating in a way I don't think anyone has quite attempted before. There are detailed guided tastings of the effects of both geology and climate on how specific wines taste. Highly recommended for intelligent amateurs and, especially, aspiring Masters of Wine (Simon in Hong Kong, take note).

If you live in the US, look for the magazine on your local newstand or call (toll-free) 888-695-4660, ext 7, or 212-695-4660, also ext 7. Alternatively, wherever you are, you can email an order (for the Fall 2002 issue, remember) to The cost is $5 plus shipping.

Highly recommended, as they say.

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