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What are purple pages?

11 Dec 2004 by JR

Purple pages are the meatiest bit of Subscribe to purple pages for 12 month's unlimited access to everything ever published in the sections below since purple pages were born in 2001 - because I realised I was going to spend so much time on this site yet was determined I would never take ads or sponsorship.

inside information
Exclusive news, observations and insider tips, hot off the keyboard for purple pagers only.

Click here for a free tasting of a typical example.

don't quote me
More often than not, these are the things I shouldn't say, or at least wouldn't dream of saying between hard covers or on the pink pages of The Financial Times.

Click here for a free tasting of a typical example.

tasting notes

Thousands of tasting notes on all sorts of fine wines with scores and, unusually, suggested drinking dates.

Click here for a free tasting of a typical example of Bordeaux horizontal tasting and here for a California vertical.

members forum
Lively, particularly intelligent forum, described by La Revue du Vin de France as 'the most courteous on the planet' which brings together the expertise and knowledge of purple pagers from more than 80 countries.

Click here for a free tasting of a typical example.

Oxford Companion to Wine
The world's only online version of this multi award-winning reference book - nearly a million words of unparalleled reference on all aspects of wine including history, viticulture, oenology, the wines of the world, leading producer profiles, hundreds of grape varieties, tasting and so on, accessed via more than 3,000 alphabetically-listed entries with absurdly easy click-through cross-references. This is the 3rd (ie the most recent) edition, published in Oct 2006.

fine wine facts
my own personal food with wine (and wine with food) recommendations wine facts - FAQs, how to learn about wine, how to taste young wine, where to find wine books etc etc up-to-date grape variety profiles tasting terms

Click here for a free tasting of a typical example. 

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