Software for tasting notes and wine cellars

For those trying to find decent wine cellar software to use to keep track of their wine purchases and/or tasting notes, fellow purple pagers suggest the following:

  • use one of the search engines on the web - google or yahoo turn up loads of suggestions
  • see these suggestions in your turn Jul 04
  • Cellar Tracker at
  • Winebase from Australia: it has quirks, but is cheap with good support. The link is
  • the Hachette CD contains a basic system for managing a cellar which contains data from the last few years of Le Guide Hachette des Vins De France in an easily get-at-able form
  • use an Excel spreadsheet - purple pages subscriber Bob Ross has published a short description on how to do this at:
  • use FileMaker Pro - purple page subscriber Stephen Done is willing to provide the templates he uses. You can contact him at
  • a good collection of wine cellar software can be found on Robin Garr's Favorites pages at complete with good reviews
  • Kurt M's list and reviews of wine cellar software are particularly good, and can be found at
  • use Microsoft Access - purple page subscriber Alan Robinson ( has a sample database that he is willing to share with other purple pagers.
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