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Judgment of Paris re-run - a guide to this site's coverage

26 May 2006 by JR

I feel I have written so much (too much, you may well think) about the recent Judgment of Paris re-run California v Bordeaux tasting, being one of only nine people to have tasted the original wines blind as part of the European panel, that I thought a guide to the various articles on this site might be useful.

An overview of the results and how the tasting was organised.

WYSIWYG. My notes and scores exactly as I wrote them. I doubt you will find any other panellist's reactions so intimately online.

How each team, in Europe and California, ranked each wine. Note the interesting discrepancies.

A long description of the background to the tasting, what really happened, and my thoughts about it all, with observations from each European taster including Michel Bettane, Hugh Johnson and Michael Broadbent.

Input from you on the results and what they mean about California, Bordeaux, the 2005 primeurs campaign etc.

Steven Spurrier - champion of French wines
Profile of the man behind the Judgment of Paris 

Contributions from Your turn
Behind the scenes turmoil and the detail of organisation

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