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Fine wine writing aplenty

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    How to flatter fine wine

    A few months ago I wandered, for the first time, into a deli-cum-wine shop near my house in south-east London. I started chatting to the assistant,…

    2 Dec 2014 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article

    How peculiar is wine?

    As a quote, it has all the makings of an exam question: ‘The wine industry is “peculiar, fragmented, confusing and impenetrable”. Discuss.’ These four…

    3 Oct 2014 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article

    Winemaking comes back down to earth

    The last few weeks have been better than most for wine stories in the British press. First, the Daily Mail ran a piece in which a wine expert tasted…

    4 Aug 2014 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article

    Triangles v fronds

    Q: When is a triangle not a triangle?A: When it's a woman's thigh.The basis for this riddle comes towards the end of Tate Modern's current headline…

    4 Jun 2014 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article

    Down Memory Lane

    Today’s Throwback Thursday article is a historic throwback: Alex’s comments, published on Purple Pages yesterday, on a trove of 50-year-old…

    3 Apr 2014 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article

    Alex asks himself about the '10s in Southwold

    Alex and I both had the pleasure of attending this year's three-day dive into Bordeaux's 2010 vintage in Southwold recently. See our guide to coverage…

    4 Feb 2014 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article

    Putting wine in context

    Once upon a time, there was a wine magazine called Winemagazine. If you don't remember it, and/or don't live in the UK where it was published, you…

    2 Oct 2013 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article

    What's in a number? Part the Second

    So, busy readers: breathe a sigh of relief. As well as the usual verbiage, this month's piece comes with pictures. The graph I used to illustrate last…

    5 Aug 2013 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article

    What's in a number?

    In this age of scientific accuracy, we are surrounded by precise numerical measurements that aid our decision-making. The power of a car, the…

    4 Jul 2013 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article

    The loudness war

    Of the many pertinent parallels between wine and music, this is a favourite of mine. Over the last two decades or so, producers have found themselves…

    5 Jun 2013 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article

    The cassette generation

    It's confession time: I am from the cassette generation, although only just. My best friend in very early childhood was an old electric Bush…

    7 May 2013 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article

    Advice to new producers

    'Would you like a drink?' 'Sherry.' 'Sherry.' 'Sherry?' 'Sherry.' 'Sherry.' Perhaps not the most…

    3 Apr 2013 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article

    Tim Hanni's new book

    5 Mar - In the original version of this review, Alex included a brief paragraph criticising the proofreading of this book. But since Tim reminded me…

    4 Mar 2013 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article

    In defence of longevity

    When I was little, tomato ketchup came only in glass bottles. By the time a decent amount had plopped onto the plate, your chips had gone cold. 'The…

    5 Feb 2013 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article

    Varieties - the spice of life

    Happy New Year, Purple Pagers! I hope you have drunk well this Christmas and are now giving your livers a few days' well-deserved rest while you…

    9 Jan 2013 Alex Hunt MW