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Fine wine writing aplenty

  • Article

    East of Venice assortment

    While recovering from a wonderful Barolo Night last night with its glorious array of 2010s, we present the first of a run of collections of tasting…

    24 Nov 2014 Team JR
  • Article

    Turkey one year on

    Umay Çeviker writes: Turkey 2023. Is this a vintage prediction or some sort of prediction on climate change? No, it is the date wine producers in…

    16 Jun 2014 Guest contributor
  • Article

    Points east - autumn collection

    See this guide to our autumn collections. We offer you our most geographically diverse assortment of more than 70 wine reviews here, divided…

    5 Dec 2013 Team JR
  • Article

    Turkey cracks down on alcohol

    1 June - See in your news the extent of popular protest at Erdoğan's increasing autocracy in Turkey. These new curbs on alcohol have been cited as one…

    30 May 2013 Guest contributor
  • Article

    Urla, Vourla 2010 Izmir

    From £14.95 Find this wine Turkey is clearly on a roll as an emerging wine producer. I loved my one and only trip there in 2009, about…

    26 Apr 2013 Jancis Robinson
  • Article

    Advice to new producers

    'Would you like a drink?' 'Sherry.' 'Sherry.' 'Sherry?' 'Sherry.' 'Sherry.' Perhaps not the most…

    3 Apr 2013 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article

    Turkey - current releases

    Wines of Turkey's eight participating wineries brought their wines to London's Vinopolis earlier this year for their inaugural London tasting. Julia…

    1 Jun 2011 Jancis Robinson Julia Harding MW
  • Article

    Turkish delight in - Güney

    Today's wine of the week is not the only Bulgarian of interest to curious, unprejudiced, quality-conscious wine lovers. Another was Isa Güner, a…

    17 Aug 2010 Jancis Robinson
  • Article

    The old and new in Istanbul

    This article was originally published in Business Life.September is one of the best months for visiting Istanbul. The heat and humidity of the summer…

    1 Sep 2009 Nick Lander
  • Article

    Finding the wine list bargains

    I found two great restaurant wine bargains last weekend in Paris, at opposite ends of the scale. Some of you may think I have gone a bit crazy…

    24 Jun 2009 Jancis Robinson
  • Article

    Young Turks of note

    This is a longer version of an article also published in the Financial Times.I've fallen in love with a grape variety that's entirely new to me. I can…

    6 Jun 2009 Jancis Robinson
  • Article

    Eating out in Istanbul

    This article was also published in the Financial Times.Standing outside her restaurant just behind the Marmara Pera hotel in Istanbul, Ece Aksoy…

    6 Jun 2009 Nick Lander
  • Article

    Modern Turkish tasting notes

    See also Young Turks of note. I have already outlined some of the issues and delights associated with Turkey's new wave wines in Talking…

    4 Jun 2009 Jancis Robinson
  • Article

    Turkish island wine

    One of the ways that ambitious Turkish wine producers can compensate for the country's relatively low latitudes is to head for the sea. I took a ferry…

    3 Jun 2009 Jancis Robinson
  • Article

    Turkey - some background

    I'll be publishing my overview of modern Turkish wine on Saturday in the Financial Times and in Free for all, and tasting notes on more than 80…

    2 Jun 2009 Jancis Robinson