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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
22 Jan 2007

I am soon to learn how to publish video podcasts here, as requested by many of you when we asked here what improvements you'd like to see to the site. But before I go to the trouble of filming exclusive encounters with famous winemakers in their bedrooms (or would you prefer something else perhaps?), it occurred to me to solicit a bit of feedback about the three audio podcasts I have already published. Details below.


My first podcast


Just off to Burgundy


Report from Beaune


I'm a bit unnerved because the last of these, recorded in a very thin-walled hotel bedroom and admittedly the only for exclusive to purple pagers, apparently remained completely silent for almost a month because I left its state as Private. Finally a purple pager contacted me recently and asked why he was unable to hear it, thereby alerting me to this rather major drawback to my Report from Beaune.


So, the question is, are you interested in these new audio and video ways of communicating, or are you perfectly happy to read everything on the site?


I suppose if you are not interested in audio and video, you won't bother to reply, but it would at least be interesting for me to hear from some of those of you who are really keen on new media.