Coppola compares making wine and movies

I had the honour of participating with film director Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather, Apocalypse Now et al.) yesterday in the opening press conference at WineFuture Hong Kong, where we were quizzed by 40 or 50 journalists from around the globe, but mainly from Asia.

I had to field a lot of questions about wine investment (far from my favourite subject) but one of the most interesting answers was the one below, given by Coppola, when asked to compare making his Inglenook wine with making movies. Organiser Pancho Campo MW is in the foreground, and also decided to film part of this answer.

Coppola was later asked whether he had any plans to make a movie about wine. 'Sideways has already done quite enough harm already', was his growled response. Nowadays he is rather disillusioned by the lack of individuality in many mainstream Hollywood movies and has been concentrating on funding his own small-scale but very personal projects. He is currently writing something more substantial, however, not least last week during his first-ever trip to Vietnam (Apocalypse Now was filmed, at his own expense against a mortgage on his Napa Valley property, in the Philippines).

He told a small group of us later that his son Roman, daughter Sofia and even 24-year-old granddaughter are all film directors. Roman is currently making a movie with the infamous 'bad boy' Charlie Sheen, whom he has known since they were both little boys on the Apocalypse Now film set.

The first day of the conference got off to a good start in terms of personnel. This is almost Everyone Who Is Anyone territory. Though time-keeping was a little Andalucian, alas.