Eating with Hansel & Gretel


In Drinking at 'the world's best restaurant' I describe the most extraordinary dinner Nick and I enjoyed last Friday night at the now world-famous restaurant Noma in Copenhagen. Denmark was revelling in the same sort of heatwave as England last weekend and the next day we had a great train journey north from the capital along what is known – don't laugh – as the Danish Riviera towards Helsingør, Hamlet's Elsinore.

A highlight was the Louisiana art collection at Humlebaek right on the coastDK_salty_snacks itself – vast Henry Moores looking over the sea towards Sweden – reached by Denmark's superbly efficient train system. We came back via the seaside town of Klampenborg, whose Bellevue Beach is particularly popular.
A very short walk from the railway station is the thatched cottage shown above and  in the short video below. It's known as Den Gule Cottage (the yellow cottage), apparently, but with absolutely no sign outside that it is a delightful casual restaurant.

Like so many Danish establishments, it automatically offers guests a blanket with every outdoor seat. And like an increasing proportion of them, it revels in modern Scandinavian cuisine with everything super-fresh, light and beautifully presented. The fish, nuts, bread and cheese shown above  in the bright Baltic sunshine comprised their lunchtime offering of 'Salty Snacks' at around £10 each. (Nothing is cheap in Denmark, alas, except for bike hire.)