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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
16 Jul 2011

Give your nearest, dearest or even yourself the gift of a year's membership ofGift_card_lo_res our award-winning Purple pages for just £69, or the equivalent in US dollars, Australian dollars or euros. (You can calculate today's rate here.)

We now have some very smart gift cards that either you or we can send to your chosen recipient as a symbol of your generosity and the goodies to come. Just contact to order a gift membership or to find out more. Or you can join yourself here.   

Access to Purple pages gives:

  • Full access to our fully searchable database of wine reviews, more than 55,000 tasting notes, including many notes on how fine wines are ageing. You can easily save £69 by studying these!   
  • Thousands of articles - both news in the Inside information section and opinion in Don't quote me.
  • Our unusually courteous and well-informed Members' forum, where like-minded people around the world share their tips and knowledge. (Purple pagers are spread around 100 different countries.)
  • The world's only online version of The Oxford Companion to Wine (latest, 3rd edition, rrp £40). So much lighter and easier to search than the paper version.
  • The fully searchable maps of the classic World Atlas of Wine (rrp £35)