Parker repudiates heaviness

Here's a very brief extract from Robert Parker's tasting of 20 bordeaux 2009s on Tuesday morning at WineFuture Hong Kong.

It was hyped as The Magical 20, and already merchants are trying to stir things up as though this selection is somehow definitive. But it should be said that Parker himself pointed out that he could have chosen many more wines at this level.

Others have billed this as 'the greatest tasting of young bordeaux ever'. Which calls into question the events organised by the Union des Grands Crus around the world recently at which we had the chance to taste not 20 but 120 bordeaux 2009s! (Although admittedly not the most reclusive Super Seconds Cos and Las Cases, and not the delicious Moueix wines La Fleur Pétrus and Trotanoy.)


The picture above shows the excellent team of local sommeliers, to whom I refer in WineFuture Hong Kong – how was it?, and just how many of the Bordelais turned out for this showing of their stunning 2009 vintage. It was fun watching them listen to Parker describe their wines, as you might imagine.