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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
16 Aug 2010



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We are now open for monthly business.  If you're interested in a trial month, go straight to How to join

The most common complaint from non-members in our recent survey was that it was impossible to tell what Purple pages are like without shelling out for a full 12 months' membership.

Previously our membership system could cope only with those who signed up for a year. However, we would like as many wine lovers as possible to see what we spend so much time writing. We have accordingly had our sign-up process redesigned so that new members can now acquire a month's membership of Purple pages for just £6.99 as opposed to the annual membership rate of £69 – the same price as it has been for the last five years, despite our myriad improvements and additions during that period.

Another complaint from some longstanding members was that they wished the renewal process was smoother and that they did not have to remember to take out a fresh subscription every 12 months.

We are therefore introducing a system that will automatically renew memberships, whether annual or monthly. This will ensure that our subscriptions supremo Rachel Shaughnessy is not run off her feet with queries concerning the new, short-term memberships, and that the cost of administering them is not uneconomically high.

The new system is administered by independent payment provider RBS WorldPay. From now on, as a Purple pages member, whether new or renewing, you will have your own FuturePay agreement with RBS WorldPay. Both your online confirmation and your confirmation email will have full details of your agreement ID and your RBS WorldPay login and password (not, unfortunately, the same as your Purple pages password – although you can change them, as explained online at the end of the process). You will be asked to log in with FuturePay if you already have an account with them. Just ignore this if you don't and click on the symbol of the card you wish to use for payment instead.

Once you have joined or renewed via FuturePay, you will be able to find details of your FuturePay agreement, as below, by clicking on My account at the bottom of any Purple page.


We will email you before each automatic payment is due, giving you time to cancel if you don't want to continue as a Purple pages member. If you decide to continue your membership, RBS WorldPay will email you with details of the payment they have taken.

You can cancel at any time by logging in to your RBS WorldPay account at Should you encounter any problems, contact

You can still pay in dollars, euros or Australian dollars but membership rates are fixed in beleaguered British pounds. You will be charged the exact equivalent of the sterling rate (which you will be shown) at the time you sign up. Exchange rates vary all the time.  You can calculate today's equivalencies here.  

We hope very much to welcome many new wine lovers, even if they decide to abandon their Purple pages membership after only one month. Do remember that, as has always been the case, anyone can cancel their membership and obtain a full refund by contacting within 14 days of first taking out a membership.

These monthly memberships are designed specifically for those who have never been Purple pagers, and may not be combined with any other special memberships or promotional codes. 

How to join