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  • Jancis Robinson
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  • Jancis Robinson
2 Apr 2010

The first three days of this week in Bordeaux were the wettest I have ever known. The picture below shows the Dordogne that seemed almost ready to burst its banks and invade the cellars of J P Moueix in Libourne on the left of the picture – especially because of spring tides.


Vineyards between Margaux and St-Julien submerged under a foot or two of water (see below, through car window) demonstrated vividly why there is a gap in the wine map of the Médoc here. 


Below is the most unusual view I had on Wednesday evening from the tasting room at Ch Latour while tasting some exceptional 2009s. Ch Margaux 2009 (the red grand vin) was also wonderful – in a completely different style. Come back next week for our complete set of hundreds of tasting notes.