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Fine wine writing aplenty

  • Article Tasting articles

    A decade of Lafon Montrachets

    Our ex-columnist is treated to a whole decade of one of Burgundy's most celebrated whites. When Clive Coates memorably described Montrachet as a wine…

    7 Nov 2018 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article Alex on taste

    ​200% whole cluster and other modern trends

    1 September For today's Throwback Thursday we are publishing free Alex's bi-monthly column for members that was published yesterday. 31 August ‘The…

    1 Sep 2016 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article Free for all

    The (increasing) problem of lightstrike

    7 July 2016 As part of our Throwback Thursday series we are republishing this article published on Monday as one of Alex's bi-monthly contributions to…

    7 Jul 2016 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article Alex on taste

    Putting wine on a small screen

    In 1989, when the six cast members of anarchic BBC radio comedy I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again reunited for a 25th anniversary episode, one of them…

    3 May 2016 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article Free for all

    Wot I did in the holidays

    17 Mar 2016   To coincide with the exciting news (for Londoners) that UKIP! The Musical is coming to London in two weeks' time, we are republishing…

    17 Mar 2016 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article Free for all

    How to flatter fine wine

    10 Mar 2016  Reminded by Alex’s splendid column last week about learning to taste blind, we are republishing this useful article as this week’s…

    10 Mar 2016 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article Alex on taste

    Connecting the dots, light and dark blue

    Every February I permit myself a bit of nostalgia when in the middle of the month the annual varsity blind tasting match between Oxford and Cambridge…

    2 Mar 2016 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article Alex on taste

    What makes wine 'fine'?

    It’s New Year, and that means: quiz time! Publications by the score have been setting festive brainteasers, and I don’t want to go…

    6 Jan 2016 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article Tasting articles

    Dr Brown, Mr Borie

    ‘We're descending toward Hill Valley, California, at 4.29 pm on Wednesday 21 October 2015.’ Like most of my generation, I suspect, I enjoyed a…

    3 Nov 2015 Walter Speller
  • Article Tasting articles

    Brunello 2010 Night - tasting notes

    11 July 2015 I have just added the notes I was able to make on the night from my scrawl in our tasting booklets, all of the last wines alphabetically…

    9 Jul 2015 Jancis Robinson Alex Hunt MW
  • Article Alex on taste

    Rebellion and the meaning of terroir

    9 July 2015 Alex's thoughts on where terroir begins and ends published on Monday are worth sharing with everyone for today's Throwback Thursday.6 July…

    9 Jul 2015 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article Alex on taste

    Can music improve wine?

    As the final chord of ‘God Gave Côtes-du-Rhône To You’ filled the vaulted halls of Vinopolis, and three hundred Grenache-fuelled gig-goers cheered…

    5 May 2015 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article Alex on taste

    How peculiar is wine?

    As a quote, it has all the makings of an exam question: ‘The wine industry is “peculiar, fragmented, confusing and impenetrable”. Discuss.’ These four…

    3 Oct 2014 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article Alex on taste

    Winemaking comes back down to earth

    The last few weeks have been better than most for wine stories in the British press. First, the Daily Mail ran a piece in which a wine expert tasted…

    4 Aug 2014 Alex Hunt MW
  • Article Free for all

    Are wine tasters idiots?

    Today's Throwback Thursday offering is one of Alex Hunt MW's bi-monthly columns, first published on 5 December 2013. They are so well written and…

    5 Jun 2014 Alex Hunt MW