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Fine wine writing aplenty

  • Article Andrea's salon

    Wine dinners considered – part 1

    The first of a two-part muse on a topic that may well be of particular interest to visitors to The suggestion to start a wine…

    4 Feb 2019 Andrea Frost
  • Article Andrea's salon

    Wine as membership

    Our most philosophically thoughtful columnist considers the polis of wine. Of all the paradoxes that exist in wine, one in particular continues to…

    29 Oct 2018 Andrea Frost
  • Article Andrea's salon

    A traveller's tastes of Australia

    What to take from home when embarking on a long journey abroad? There are the practical effects one needs for travel: itineraries, reading…

    3 Sep 2018 Andrea Frost
  • Article Andrea's salon

    Once more, with feeling

    I’ve long been troubled by the disparity between the enormous, glorious galaxy of feelings that wine elicits, and the narrow band of tools, ideas and…

    27 Jun 2018 Andrea Frost
  • Article Andrea's salon

    The consolations of wine

    People have long turned to myriad sources as consolation for the thorny task of being human. From poetry and painting to music and sculpture, the…

    30 Apr 2018 Andrea Frost
  • Article Andrea's salon

    Thinking and drinking – an introduction

    We are thrilled to be publishing this first contribution from our new columnist Andrea Frost. Where to begin? The easiest way into my new column…

    28 Feb 2018 Andrea Frost