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Fine wine writing aplenty

  • Article Free for all

    Gordon's boys triumph

    It’s not all grim for Gordon Ramsay. Despite the recent bad press hounding him, it seems that his sommeliers are leading the pack. On Monday last…

    16 Sep 2009 Tamlyn Currin
  • Article Tasting articles

    Ahr so Pinot Noir

    Wolfgang Hehle was a tax consultant and a beer drinker when he married Helle Cossmann in the 1970s. Her father owned and ran Weingut Deutzerhof, and…

    21 Aug 2009 Tamlyn Currin
  • Article Tasting articles

    Private Cellar

    Tamlyn Currin tasted the following wines shown by UK importers Private Cellar in London last March. Private Cellar are, inter alia, UK importers of…

    14 Aug 2009 Tamlyn Currin
  • Article Tasting articles

    Languedoc-Roussillon tasting notes

    Here at last is our long-trailed collection of tasting notes on the vast twin wine regions of Languedoc and Roussillon. Although it includes notes on…

    10 Jul 2009 Jancis Robinson Tamlyn Currin Richard Hemming MW Victoria Daskal
  • Article Tasting articles

    Germany's 2008s - Part 3

    See this complete guide to our hundreds of tasting notes.  Mopping up some of the German 2008s that Jancis and Michael didn't get to earlier, I…

    3 Jul 2009 Tamlyn Currin Jancis Robinson
  • Article Tasting articles

    Australian bargains

    It dominates the newspapers, the TV, the radio, government and has invaded almost every home in the developed world. No one gets a prize for guessing…

    9 Feb 2009 Tamlyn Currin
  • Article Inside information

    Club 30-50

    Tamlyn Currin started doing wine classes with Michael Schmidt about five years ago, and then went down the more conventional route by doing the…

    27 Nov 2008 Tamlyn Currin
  • Article Inside information

    Wine by Sail

    "The charm of history and its enigmatic lesson consist in the fact that, from age to age, nothing changes and yet everything is completely different."…

    10 Nov 2008 Tamlyn Currin
  • Article Tasting articles

    A Luxembourg selection

    This line up of more than 50 wines from one of Europe's less well-known wine producing countries came about thanks to the enthusiastic response of a…

    1 Oct 2008 Julia Harding MW Tamlyn Currin