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Fine wine writing aplenty

  • Article Chinese-language articles

    Souvenirs to leave behind (in Chinese)

    This is a longer version of an article also published in the Financial Times.有的纪念品,还是不往家带为妙  Souvenirs to leave behind 作者:Jancis Robinson…

    24 Aug 2010 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Chinese-language articles

    Investment scams (in Chinese)

    谨防葡萄酒投资 作者:林之樱 , Cher Lim 日期 自从互联网泡沫在2000年破灭后,“泡沫”这词儿已经和麻烦扯上关系。近十年,我们常挂在嘴边的麻烦泡沫包括来自房地产,金融,还有正在酝酿的另类投资 -…

    23 Aug 2010 Guest contributor
  • Article Chinese-language articles

    What's wrong with rosé? (Chinese)

    为何桃红不红? (What's wrong with rosé?) 作者:林之樱 , Cher Lim 日期:2010年,6月21日 五月尾,我和外子到香港参加了每年一度的国际葡萄酒商展会(Vinexpo…

    5 Jul 2010 Guest contributor
  • Article Chinese-language articles

    Singapore tries out GJE (Chinese version)

    蒙饮评审 作者:林之樱 , Cher Lim …

    26 May 2010 Guest contributor