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Fine wine writing aplenty

  • Article Nick on restaurants

    Nicholas Lander eats out in New York

    It was to be our last meal in New York and I wanted something slightly different. Not brash and noisy as at Cafe Luxembourg or Jaya, an inexpensive…

    28 Jan 2001 Nick Lander
  • Article Nick on restaurants

    The Connaught - a less-than-great British institution

    Why oh why does The Connaught continue to disappoint gastronomically? [We love the idea of this grande dame of small London hotels, and even spent…

    6 Dec 2000 Nick Lander
  • Article Nick on restaurants

    Restaurant Bills

    Whenever you pay a restaurant bill by credit card in the UK you run a considerable risk of having your card details copied and possibly forged.…

    3 Dec 2000 Nick Lander
  • Article Nick on restaurants

    Moro 34/36 Exmouth Market, London EC1

    According to one of London's toughest and most successful literary agents there has never been a battle like it. Publishers were apparently falling…

    17 Nov 2000 Nick Lander
  • Article Nick on restaurants

    Smithfield - a new London village

    London, rather romantically, is still considered a series of 'villages' with Hampstead, Kensington, Chelsea and Soho the most frequently mentioned and…

    29 Oct 2000 Nick Lander