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Fine wine writing aplenty

  • Article Max on Oz

    Margaret River's contentious history

    Max reviews The Way It Was: A History of the Early Days of the Margaret River Wine Industry by Peter Forrestal and Ray Jordan (Margaret River Press).…

    4 Dec 2017 Max Allen
  • Article Tasting articles

    50 years of Margs

    See also today Max Allen's review of a closely related book. The late 1960s were a hugely important time for the evolution and expansion of the wine…

    4 Dec 2017 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Nick on restaurants

    Putting girth into Perth

    I am deliberately writing about restaurants in Australia again (see Around and about in Melbourne) and plan to add a review of a fabulous Sydney fish…

    2 Dec 2017 Nick Lander
  • Article Nick on restaurants

    Around and about in Melbourne

    It is not every day that begins with a taxi ride with a Fijian driver who has become an amateur winemaker, having bought his house from an Italian who…

    18 Nov 2017 Nick Lander
  • Article Free for all

    Gender gap narrows, in education

    September’s Australian Women in Wine tasting that I report on today was held at London's Australia House. This imposing building, very close to…

    13 Nov 2017 Julia Harding MW
  • Article Tasting articles

    Australian Women in Wine – the tasting

    For more on the Australian Women in Wine Awards that preceded this tasting in London at the end of September, see Winning Australian Wimmin in Wine.…

    13 Nov 2017 Julia Harding MW
  • Article Tasting articles

    Vasse Felix goes historical

    Margaret River in Western Australia is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary as a wine region and I will very soon be on my rather circuitous way to…

    6 Nov 2017 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Tasting articles

    Yalumba – the making of a super-blend

    As Max reported recently in Rebirth of the Australian super-blend, some of the giants of the Australian wine business are showing an inclination to…

    1 Nov 2017 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Free for all

    Grandfather of Grüner

    See also Julia's article today about a tasting of mature Grüner Veltliners and Rieslings in Austria.  When's the best time to wear lederhosen and…

    31 Oct 2017 Hrishi Poola
  • Article Tasting articles

    Penfolds' new $3,000 baby

    You will have gleaned from Max's most recent article Rebirth of the Australian super-blend that Australia’s top producers are embracing their…

    19 Oct 2017 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Tasting articles

    Penfolds Collection 2017 – and performing monkeys

    The annual launch of The Penfolds Collection, the jewel in Treasury Wine Estates' crown, has become almost as ritualistically stage-managed as the…

    5 Oct 2017 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Max on Oz

    Rebirth of the Australian super-blend

    This has been the year of Australian super-blends: new, high-profile, high-priced reds that hark back to an older period in this country’s vinous…

    3 Oct 2017 Max Allen
  • Article Tasting articles

    White burgundy or ... Beechworth?

    The old gold-mining town of Beechworth in north-east Victoria, Australia, is not short of character, as you can see from this picture of its main…

    29 Sep 2017 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Free for all

    Winning Australian wimmin in wine

    This morning the Australian Women in Wine Awards were announced in London, live-streamed to the Australian evening with much whooping and emotion from…

    26 Sep 2017 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Tasting articles

    Alternative Aussies – the latest batch

    When does a variety stop becoming alternative? We first covered non-mainstream varieties from Australia back in 2009, and I followed up with 75…

    18 Sep 2017 Richard Hemming MW