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Fine wine writing aplenty

  • Article Free for all

    Fine wine can be white too

    A shorter version of this article is published by the Financial Times. When I explain to fellow wine lovers why I have designed one glass for every…

    5 Jan 2019 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Tasting articles

    Chablis – Raveneau v Dauvissat

    The first of three articles about particularly senior white wines. Top Chablis from 1971 to 2011 tasted selflessly at the end of a long day. See also …

    12 Nov 2018 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Tasting articles

    The Art of Chablis

    The Art of Chablis – a clever title for a tasting of 50 wines based on the latest promotional theme devised by the BIVB, the generic body tasked…

    24 Oct 2017 Julia Harding MW
  • Article Tasting articles

    Time to buy Chablis 2014 and 2015

    12 October 2016 A press release sent out by the BIVB Chablis yesterday confirmed that overall volumes will be down at least 50% this year. Producers…

    31 Aug 2016 Julia Harding MW
  • Article Wines of the week

    ​Boudin 2014 Chablis

    From €8, $16.99, £14.95, AU$40  Find these wines It may not have escaped your notice that all four of us in the domestic team – Julia,…

    15 Jan 2016 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Tasting articles

    Recent Chablis vintages

    Perhaps it is appropriate on the day I'm publishing a report of a field trip to Bordeaux last week with the Royal Household Wine Committee to publish…

    20 Jul 2015 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Wines of the week

    ​Samuel Billaud, Montée de Tonnerre Premier Cru 2012 Chablis

    From €21.60, £25.50, $39.75, AU$74 and also in LebanonFind the DuplessisFind the Samuel BillaudChablis is a boon for the purist lover of white…

    28 Nov 2014 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Inside information

    Three views of Chablis 2011

    Fabien Moreau of Domaine Christian Moreau Père et Fils, Guillaume Gicqueau-Michel of Domaine Louis Michel et Fils and Sandrine Audegond of Domaine…

    4 Jan 2012 Julia Harding MW
  • Article Tasting articles

    All about Chablis

    Can you explain Chablis in a morning? Not fully, of course, and not while you are sitting behind a table laden with glasses and spittoons in central…

    13 Dec 2011 Julia Harding MW
  • Article Wines of the week

    Patrick Piuze Chablis

    From €12.15, £11.75, $18.99, HK$180, 2180 yen, 175 Norwegian krone Find these wines It's always a thrill to encounter a promising new producer,…

    29 Oct 2010 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Tasting articles

    Chablis terroir lesson by Patrick Piuze

    Here is a truly thrilling new producer of hand-crafted Chablis, designed to showcase the individuality of different terroirs, not just at premier (and…

    4 Oct 2010 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Tasting articles

    Raveneau's long-distance Chablis

    If the 1995 Montée de Tonnerre is anything to go by, Raveneau's reputation for wines with excellent ageing potential is well deserved. This was the…

    17 Jun 2010 Julia Harding MW
  • Article Tasting articles

    Current - and deceased - white burgundies

    We seem to be discussing white burgundy with some frequency on the forum at the moment, so I thought it might be interesting to publish my notes on a…

    15 Aug 2008 Jancis Robinson
  • Article Travel tips

    How to spend a day in Chablis

    See... and

    3 Jun 2007 Jancis Robinson